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Welcome to the Consumer Rights Coalition website. We are your source of information about consumer protection law, consumer rights, and everything that involves consumers in America. Our organization is situated in Illinois, but we strive to educate and inform people across America about their rights and what actions they can take to protect themselves.

Our cause is non-violent and aims to ensure that all sellers and consumers function within the law and their rights. We have made a difference in the years that we have been active. There is a definite change happening in the Illinois area. Our members come from a variety of fields and include both sellers and consumers. Sellers also need to be protected.

We have 3 main focus points:

1. Education – Our first goal is to educate Americans about the laws and their rights as consumers and sellers. It is important to protect yourself as a consumer and also to protect business owners.

2. Affecting change – We investigate claims against businesses and retailers that are implicated in unfair or unlawful consumer actions. We take steps to rectify situations where there is non-compliance.

3. Support – We support our members and anyone else who needs assistance during a lawsuit or claims procedure. We assist in any way we can to make sure that the consumer is well-prepared and protected.

We are very active in the community and we often have information booths or other events that help create awareness. These events have been very effective in helping people who didn’t know they were being exploited. Knowing how to identify unfair or unlawful practices is the first step to protecting yourself. We focus a lot on this at our events.

For more information please contact our offices with your questions.