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The 8 Basic Consumer Rights in the United States of America

The Consumer Bill of Rights was set forth by John F. Kennedy in 1962. It started off with four basic consumer rights but was later extended to eight by the United Nations. This bill was passed to protect consumers from sellers and businesses that exploit them and treat them unfairly. It is your right and responsibility to know these rights.

1. Right to Safety

This right refers to protection against any harm or injury from a product bought if you used it correctly. This right excludes motor vehicles. This links to product testing and establishing performance standards for all products.

2. Right to Be Informed

This right ensures that businesses must provide consumers with as much information as possible. Nutritional information on labels and safety precautions are examples. All information provided must be truthful and complete. No information may be misleading and advertising must also be truthful and not misleading.

3. Right to Choose

This right says that consumers should have different options for the same products. Different companies must make the same products to allow consumers choices and also create a healthy market competition.

4. Right to be Heard

Consumers have the right to lay complaints and raise concerns regarding products in order to have action taken to solve these issues. No specific federal agency handles these claims, but there are policies and processes in place to facilitate claims and grievances.

5. Right to Satisfaction of Basic Needs

Consumers have the right to basic need satisfaction such as food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, education, water, and sanitation.

6. Right to Redress

This right states that consumers must receive a fair settlement for claims made against businesses regarding false advertising, incomplete or incorrect information, or poor goods and services.

7. Right to Consumer Education

This involves the right of consumers to have access to information to educate themselves regarding goods and services and their consumer rights.

8. Right to a Healthy Environment

This right has to do with people living and working in environments that are safe and non-threatening. People have the right to work and live in safety without fear of harm or disease.

These are the eight consumer rights that every consumer in America should know and insist on.

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