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About Us

Consumer Rights Coalition (CRC) is an organization that fights for the consumer rights of Americans. They are based in Illinois and have been active for several years. CRC believes that every consumer must know their rights and have their rights protected. Too many sellers are trying to take advantage of the consumers that support their businesses and CRC aims to stop this.

CRC was established by people who were treated unfairly and decided to take a stand. Today, this organization stands strong with 100 members that represent almost every possible job role and career. They fight against unfair treatment, false advertising, false information, misleading marketing, and unfair prices. It is the mission of the CRC members to protect all consumers and have a fair marketplace for all.

The CRC base all their actions on thorough knowledge and research of the American and international consumer laws, marketing and advertising laws, and related fields. They firmly believe in educating as many consumers as they can about what is fair and right and what is not. Through education, more consumers can identify practices that fall outside the law and can take action to rectify it.

Consumer Rights Coalition is not a violent organization and we don’t protest every thing that seems unfair. We are fully educated on the letter of the law and take action through the correct channels when changes are necessary. Our strength lies in our knowledge and our firm belief in what is right and fair.