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Consumer Rights Coalition members all know the law and their rights very well. They also know how to identify practices and advertising that is not fair or legal. One of our main aims is to educate Americans on their rights so they can start taking action.

We strongly encourage anyone who wants to know more about their rights and the law, to visit the links below. These are links to resources that explain what consumer rights are, what sellers’ rights are, and everything else you need to know and understand as a consumer. These resources are very valuable to equip yourself with all the knowledge you need to protect yourself.

Federal Trade Commission

You will find explanations of policies here and how to file a complaint. They also offer tips and advice for consumers. This site offers a great amount of information that is very valuable to consumers.

Consumer Protection

You will find a definition and explanation of what consumer protection is and why it is in place. You will also find some other interesting links for further reading.

Consumer Protection in the United States: An Overview

This is a document that focuses specifically on consumer protection in the United States of America. It was written by Spencer Weber Waller, Jillian G Brady, and RJ Acosta.


This is a very valuable site for any information about the American government and laws. This specific link goes to an explanation of how to file a complaint concerning consumer protection or law.


Find all the information you may need regarding international consumer law and protection on GlobaLex. This is also one of the best resources you can work through to educate yourself.

Use these resources to learn as much as you can. Many of these sites have further links and resources to follow up and expand your knowledge.