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Steps for Filing a Complaint Regarding Consumer Related Problems

Once you have purchased goods or paid for services that are unsatisfactory, you may complain. This is one of your basic rights as a consumer. If a product is faulty or not what it says to be, you can complain. If you paid for services that were unsatisfactory or sub-standard, you may complain. The process for filing a complaint is very simple.

Follow these steps:

Gather documents to support your case. Sales receipts, work orders, warranties, and contracts should all be put together. If you had any telephone contact with the seller after the purchase, write down the date, time, who you spoke to and what was said. If you had email correspondence with the seller, print out the emails.

Make contact with the seller. Written contact is always better as you have proof in black and white of everything that is said. You can contact a salesperson or customer service representative. If they do not help you, go higher up to the managers. If you are still unable to get help with your complaint, contact the company headquarters.

Make contact with third parties. If the seller fails to heed your complaint and help you in any way, file your complaint with the local consumer protection offices. You can also file a complaint with the state regulatory or licensing board. The Better Business Bureau is also very good with handling consumer complaints.

Find a lawyer. If none of the previous steps have resolved your issue or helped in any way, get a lawyer. Consult with a lawyer to get legal advice on your situation and find out if you can take the case further.

If you have any reason to believe that a seller is operating outside of the law and violating consumer rights, file a complaint. The best way to stop sellers who run scams and are guilty of misleading or incomplete information and advertising, is by exposing them. It is your right to complain and demand good products and services.

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